1. History

Faculty of Strategy - National Defense Academy was established under Decision No. 146/QD-TM dated June 25, 1976 of the Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army. Traditional date: January 3, 1977

2. Functions and Missions

To develop training program contents and directly train learners, provides students with general theoretical knowledge about strategy, National Protection strategy, National defense strategy, military strategy , History of national defense, military. To coordinate with agencies, faculties and units to develop plans, practice directing strategic drills;

Researching scientific topics, compiling textbooks and documents, writing scientific articles. Organizing a scientific council to evaluate scientific research topics for the learners. To participate in summarizing and researching works, themes and scientific themes on Military History;

To advise and propose to the Party Committee and Board of Presidents on contents and solutions to improve the effectiveness of training and scientific research; creating resources, fostering and building a contingent of cadres and lecturers;

Studying and forecasting strategic situations and war forms, proposing to the Party, State and Ministry of National Defense on guidelines,  strategies, tactics and military theories in order to successfully implement the two strategic missions of national construction and protection in the new situation;

To thoroughly grasp and implement seriously and effectively all duties and emulation movements. Building a strong and wholesome Faculty, the Faculty is strong and comprehensive, well fufilling the assigned tasks.

3. Organizational structure

The Faculty staffing consists of the Faculty leadership and 4 subjects (General Theory of Strategy, National Defense Strategy, Military Strategy and Military History).

4. Current Faculty Leadership

- Dean of Faculty: Major General Assoc. Prof. Ngo Trong Cuong

- Vice Dean of Faculty: Colonel, Dr. Pham Dinh Bach

5. Achievements

During the work of the Faculty of Strategy, with many outstanding achievements, especially in training and scientific research, the Faculty has always been the leading flag in the Academy's emulation movements for many years. It has been awarded emulation flags by the Academy and the Ministry of Defense, the title of "decisive to win" unit and many medals and certificates of merit.

6. Deans of Faculty through periods:

1. Nguyen Tiep Colonel 1977 – 1978

2. Bui Sinh Major General 1978 – 1980

3. Le Huu Duc Lieutenant General, Assoc Prof 1984 – 1987

4. Cao Phat Major General Assoc Prof. 1990 – 1992

5. Lo Khac Tam Major General, Dr 1995 – 2002

6. Bui Thanh Son Major General Assoc Prof 2003 – 2009

7. Le Ngoc San Major General Assoc. Prof. Dr 2010 – 2015

8. Dang Quang Minh Major General, Dr 2015 – 2017

9. Vu Van Tai Major General, Assoc Prof, Dr 2017 – 2020

10. Ngo Trong Cuong Major General, Assoc Prof, Dr. 2020 to present

7. Contact Address:

No. 93 Hoang Quoc Viet, Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi city.