1. History 

Right from the early days of establishment of the Senior Military Academy, according to Decision No. 28/QD-TM dated February 25, 1976 on the organizational structure and payroll of the Academy, marked the first step of establishment."Faculty of Operational Arts" and "Faculty of Tactics".

The process of development, gradually stabilizing the staffing organization, according to the Decision No. 149/QD-TM in July 2003 on adjusting the staffing organization of the Academy."Faculty of Operational Arts" and "Faculty of Tactics"merged into "the Faculty of Operation". This name  is kept to this day.

From its foundation day to the present, the Faculty of operation has always been one of the leading prestigious institutions of the Army in researching, synthesizing and developing the Vietnam Operational Art and actively forecasting the situation, participating in Military Art advisory for agencies and leaders of the Party and State.

2. Functions and Missions

The central mission of the Academy is: Training and fostering senior commanding officers of the operational - strategic level; scientific research staff; fostering knowledge of National Defense - Security for key officials at provincial and equivalent levels; studying Military Science and Military Art; international cooperation in training and fostering senior military personnel.

Over 45 years of construction and growth, the Faculty of Campaigns has become one of the trustworthy addresses in the mission of Training in operation Art for operation-strategists, researchers and staff. Conducting research in military art and science of the Vietnam People's Army.

Along with the training mission, the Faculty of Operation is also one of the high-quality operational art research institutions with a serious working style; by organizing many in-depth scientific seminars, and at the same time actively updating related theoretical and practical issues; constantly researching, supplementing and developing Vietnam Operation Art, meeting the requirements of the cause of national construction and protection.

Faculty of Campaigns held a conference to thoroughly understand and implement the essay writing contest

3. Faculty Payroll

Faculty Leadership:

                        Major General, Dr. Nguyen Duc Nam - Dean of Faculty;

                       Colonel, Dr. Tran Hung Cuong - Vice Dean of Faculty.

Recognizing the importance of training senior military personnel. Leaders and commanders of the faculty have constantly paid attention to, fostered and developed the teaching staff to meet their duties. Up to now, the faculty's teaching staff has not only increased in number but also ensured their qualifications: Assoc. Prof, Doctor = 01; Doctor= 06; Master = 09, of which 05 candidates are in the process of graduate training; Bachelor = 02 in which 01 Master is in the process of graduate training.

4. Achievements

Recognized by the Ministry of National Defense, Central Military Commission and Academy for achievements that"Campaign Faculty" Achievements: So far, the Faculty has received many Medals; Medal; Merit; Certificates of Merit and other noble titles, especially"Third Class Victory Medal"donated in 1980.

Worthy of the above trust, for more than 45 years, the Faculty has not only made an important contribution to the successful training of many senior staff training courses at the campaign and strategic levels for the target audience. ; but also cooperate in Training - Training senior cadres of academies and schools in the Army; at the same time has successfully guided more than one hundred doctoral students and more than two hundred master students, majoring in Campaign Arts.

Especially, the Faculty has always done well in research and development of military art and science, and at the same time actively advised and proposed to the Party, State and Ministry of National Defense on issues of military art, contributing to the development of military art. construction and defense of the country.

5. Contact

Address: 3rd floor/house S2/No. 93, Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Phone: 0965476999.