1. History  

The predecessor of the Faculty of Military Services was the faculties: Air Defense, Air Force and Navy under the payroll of the Higher Military Academy, according to Decision No. 28/QD-TM dated February 25, 1976 of the Chief of the General Staff. In 1983, the three faculties were merged into the Faculty of Military Services, in 1985 it was split into separate faculties. In 1999, the Faculty of Air Defense and the Faculty of Air Force merged into the Faculty of Air Defense - Air Force. In 2003, according to Decision No.673/QD-TM dated July 18, 2003 of the Chief of General Staff, the Faculty of Air Defense - Air Force and the Faculty of Navy were merged into the Faculty of Military Services. 

In each period, under the direct leadership and direction of the Standing Committee, Party Committee, Board of Presidents; the dedicated support of agencies, units and 2 armed services, the Coast Guard Command; With the efforts of the staff, lecturers, the Faculty of Military Services has successfully completed all the assigned tasks, making a worthy contribution to the successful completion of the tasks of the National Defense Academy. 

Upholding the tradition of "Dedication, solidarity, initiative and creativity", today, the Faculty of Military Services continues to deeply grasp and effectively implement the Party's resolutions and directives of superiors; actively study and improve all aspects; building the Party cell to be always wholesome and strong, the Faculty to be comprehensively strong and "exemplary and typical"; constantly innovating and creating, meeting the increasing requirements of teaching and scientific research tasks, contributing to improving the ability to manage and protect the country's airspace, sea and islands. 

2. Functions and Missions 

The Faculty of Military Services is one of 10 faculties in the organization and staffing system of the National Defense Academy, holding an important position contributing to the successful implementation of the task of training and scientific research in the major of  Air-Defense, Air Force, and Navy of the Academy and in propaganda, education, implementation and concretization of the National Defense Law. 

          The mission of the Faculty over the years has changed and developed, shifting the focus of training from tactical and operational level to operational - strategic level and defense strategies. Since then, there have been increasing requirements for the faculty and staff of the Faculty in the process of performing their tasks; especially the task of training, scientific research and building a contingent of staff and lecturers. 

3. Faculty Leadership. 

          Dean of Faculty: Colonel, Assoc Prof, Dr. Dinh Xuan Thanh 

          Vice Dean of Faculty: Colonel, MSc Nguyen Quang Thinh 

4. Achievements 

          In the process of construction and development, the Faculty and many collectives and individuals have been honored to be awarded by the Party, State, Ministry of National Defense, and the Academy: 01 First-class Victory Medal, 01 Third-class Victory Medal; many certificates of merit from the Ministry of Defense, emulation flags of the Academy; 03 comrades were conferred the title of Excellent Lecturer and many other noble awards. 

5. Contact: 

Faculty of Armed Forces, National Defense Academy: No. 93 Hoang Quoc Viet, Nghia Do, Cau Giay, Hanoi.