1. History

The Faculty of Marxist-Leninist Theory was established on December 4, 1978, on the basis of separating the Faculty of Politics into two faculties: the Faculty of Marxist-Leninist Theory and the Faculty of Party and political work.
The predecessor of the Faculty of Marxist-Leninist Theory was the Faculty of Politics, which was established under the Decision No. 28/QD-TM dated February 25, 1976 by the Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army on the organizational structure and staffing of the Senior Military Academy, in order to meet the requirements of the task of “Supplementing and training senior cadres of the armed forces; participating in the study of military science issues; assisting friend countries to train senior military cadres”.

Along with the development of the situation and the requirements of the task, from two subjects, namely the Philosophy group and the subject of theory on guidlines, the Faculty is now organized into 4 subjects, including: Philosophy subject; Political Economy subject; Scientific Socialism subject; Ho Chi Minh's ideology subject.

About the party organization, the Faculty of Marxist-Leninist Theory is a grassroots cell directly under the leadership of the Academy's Party Committee.
Anually, December 4th  is the traditional day of the Faculty of Marxist-Leninist Theory.

2. Functions and Missions

Teaching Marxist-Leninist theory to high-ranking commanders and advisors; training and granting national certificates in a number of theoretical subjects for graduate students and doctoral students.

Teaching and improving military methodological knowledge for long-term, short-term, graduate, doctoral, in-service training and some classes outside the Academy.

Teaching the basic issues of the Party's views and lines through the Party's congresses and the resolutions of the Politburo and the Central Committee of the Party.

Researching and proposing new issues on philosophy, military methodology, and the Party's line in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching and scientific research, and play a pivotal role in protecting the Party ideology.

3. Leadership of the Faculty

Dean of Faculty: Major General, Associate Professor, Dr. Vu Van Nhien
Vice Dean of Faculty: Colonel, Dr. Le Van Nam
Over 40 years of construction and development, the Faculty of Marxist-Leninist Theory has always fulfilled its assigned functions and tasks excellently. Participating in teaching long-term training subjects, short-term training subjects, doctoral classes, graduate classes, in-service training classes opened or managed by the Academy and classes outside the Academy. Sitting chair and participating in research on many scientific projects at the State, Ministries and Sectoral levels, along with many textbooks and teaching and fostering materials for the subjects. Supervising many scientific research topics, doctoral dissertations of military science, doctor of military science, graduation theses of domestic and international training classes.

4. Rewards:

Many years won the title of Excellent Unit in the Academy's Decision to Win emulation movement; was awarded the Emulation Flag of the Academy and the title of Unit Determined to Win; along with many certificates of merit, collective and individual certificates of merit.

5. Contact:

Desk phone: 069 556 715