I- History

The Faculty of Logistics and Techniques was provisionally established on February 25, 1976 under Decision No. 28/QD-TM and officially under Decision No. 146/QD-TM dated June 25, 1976 by Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Vietnam People's Army, called "Logistics Faculty"; whose missions are:

- Supplementing and training senior cadres of the armed forces;

- Participating in research on military science issues, majoring in Logistics and Engineering.

On December 16, 1981, Minister of the National Defense issued Decision No. 423/QD-BQP to change the name of the Senior Military Academy to the Senior Military Academy, whereby the name of the Faculty was changed to the Faculty of Logistics - Techniques.

Each development stage of the Academy and the whole army always sets new and higher requirements and tasks for the Faculty of Logistics - Techniques. Since the main content of the Faculty's teaching refers to the art of ensuring logistics, technology, has now developed many new contents such as:

- Building a strategic rear areas;

- National defense mobilization;

- Building and developing Vietnam's defense industry;

- Logistics, techniques in war and logistics, techniques in various types of strategic, operational and tactical combat;

- Activities of agencies (government sector) in provincial and multicipal defensive areas of provinces and cities;

- Investment management in the Army;

- State management of finance,

- Campaign and strategy commander with financial work

- Financial inspection and examination, auditing in the Vietnam People's Army.


Through the process of construction and development, generations of staff and lecturers in the faculty have upheld the tradition “Loyalty, devotion, solidarity, creativity" striving to study, improve political bravery, pedagogical capacity, professional qualifications and cultivate revolutionary ethics of Military Teachers; successfully completed the central political task, building the Faculty to become more and more matured to meet the requirements and development tasks of the National Defense Academy.

The Party Committees and Subjects of the Faculty from time to time regularly thoroughly grasp the resolutions of the Party Committee of the Academy and their superiors into the leadership resolutions of the Party cells in close contact with the real situation and Faculty's mission. Notably, in recent years, the Party Committee and Leaders of the Faculty have thoroughly grasped and organized the effective implementation of "Strategy for development of education and training in the Army for the period 2011-2020, especially the Party's policy in the Documents of the 12th Congress about"fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education and training - human resource development...". Thoroughly and strictly implementing the policy of the Academy's Party Committee on promoting the implementation"three breakthroughs", improving the quality of training, scientific research and staff building, in which,  focus is placed on doing well"three essences" in training, building a contingent of lecturers to meet the requirements and tasks in the new situation.

Faculty leaders always actively advise and propose to the Standing Committee, Party Committee, and Board of Presidents of the Academy on guidelines and measures to lead and direct the implementation of specialized training tasks.. Annually and monthly, the Faculty issues a resolution to lead the organization to perform tasks in accordance with the specific characteristics of the situation; Leaders of the Faculty, subjects, and each lecturer have developed a plan and implemented it drastically and effectively, in which, focus is placed on developing training plans and fostering teaching staff; assigning lectures to each instructor, strictly abide by the regulations on training; strictly organizing the lesson plan evaluation, attending lectures, giving sample lectures, drawing lessons in time as a basis for improving teaching quality for each lecturer.

Meeting the development requirements of the educational career, the Faculty is active in renovating the content, teaching methods, exercises suitable for each subject, each type of learners; deeply grasping the views of the Party into research and teaching; updating new information into each lecture, ensuring that the lectures have deep theory, rich practicality and high predictability; actively applying teaching methods, promoting students' creative thinking.

The Faculty of Logistics-Techniques for many years has successfully and excellently completed the teaching tasks assigned by the Academy every year; On average, each lecturer teaches 250 lessons/year. The lectures by the Faculty are guaranteed to be of good quality or higher.

          Comrade Lieutenant General Truong Quang Khanh, Member of the Central Committee of the Party, Deputy Minister of National Defense, and Lieutenant General Nguyen Chau Thanh, Director of gthe General Department of Techniques and Steering Committee to encourage drills in the exercise "TK-11"

In addition, the Faculty is in charge of the content of lectures, guiding students to courses on fostering national defense and security knowledge of Subject 1 and students of graduate classes doing practical research at industrial units and factories. At the end of the courses, the Faculty supervise students through classes in writing final assignments, theses to ensure good quality. Besides teaching in the Academy, the Faculty also regularly participates in training courses of the Ministry and agencies and units outside the Academy such as General Department of Logistics, General Department of Technology, Logistics Academy, Military Medicine Academy, military zones, corps, armed forces; thereby contributing to the training and retraining of officers of the whole army and raising the position of the Faculty and the Academy. The Faculty has cooperated well with the General Departments of Engineering, the General Department of Logistics, participated in the preparation of specialized documents and directed the rehearsals of the Ministry, as well as participated in marking for the General Department of Techniques, the General Department of Logistics.

Scientific research has been always paid attention to develop theory and improve the quality of training, synchronously deploying research on scientific topics at all levels, compiling curricula and teaching materials of the Academy and the whole army. The faculty is responsible for being the chair and participating in 75 topics at ministerial, branch and academia level. Annually writing 10 to 15 articles in scientific journals; compiled and added 4 to 5 ministerial-level documents and 6 to 8 Academy-level documents. In order to serve the exercises and practice of students, the Faculty always proactively, promptly compiles and fully edits specialized exercises according to the training requirements, improving the quality of scientific research. 

Building a strong Faculty associated with"Study and follow Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style"and implemented 5 contents worthy of the title of Uncle Ho's army in the new period. Regularly maintaining the emulation movement, associated with focusing on performing central political tasks, overcoming weak points and weak sides to promote the Faculty to successfully complete its annual tasks. Strictly maintaining the norm of living and studying, building a regular routine; successfully complete programs and contents of military training and political education; Guarantee good logistics life; thrift practice; efficient use of equipment and facilities associated with the well implementation of the emulation movement "The logistics industry follows Uncle Ho's teachings" and Campaign 50.

To build a strong contingent of staff and lecturers, the Faculty has many policies and measures for training and fostering lecturers, so now the Faculty regularly has a contingent of lecturers with postgraduate qualifications from 90 to 100%; in which, 40 to 50% of lecturers hold doctorate degree or higher and 10 to 20% being associate professors. The quality of the teaching staff always responds well to the training mission of the Academy; from 10 up to 20% of good lecturers at ministerial level, 40 to 50% of good lecturers at Academy level and 60 to 70% of good lecturers at Faculty level.

To regularly grasp and organize well the research, mastery and study of the views, lines, guidelines and policies of the Party and State, the political tasks of the Army and the Academy. To perform well in ideological orientation, attaching importance to building political courage, taking a correct and firm stance,  good moral qualities, a wholesome and healthy lifestyle, always ready to receive and complete all assigned task. Stepping up the struggle to repel the deterioration of political ideology, the manifestations of "self-evolution", "self-transformation" internally; actively fighting to protect the lines and views of the Party, policies and laws of the State. Strictly maintaining the party order and regime, strictly observing the principle of democratic centralism. Policy work, cadres and internal political protection have always been well performed by the Party committees and leaders. Inspection and supervision work has always been closely linked with the implementation of the Resolution of the 4th Central Committee (term XII) of the Party, thereby strengthening Party discipline, military discipline, maintaining the moral qualities of Party members, and improving the quality of life. high leadership capacity and combat strength of Party committees and cell branches.

In the process of building and growing, generations of staff and lecturers of the Faculty of Logistics - Techniques always successfully and excellently completed all assigned tasks; building a strong and comprehensive Faculty, a typical wholesome and strong branch.

The situation of new tasks is getting heavier and heavier, requiring more and more joint determination of the Party Committees and Branches of Faculty, promoting tradition and achievements, and enlisting the help of superiors and agencies, friends, overcome the shortcomings in a timely and drastic manner to create new changes, complete the task with effective quality. higher; make an important contribution to the Academy's achievements in the coming time


Total number of specialized students participating in training at the National Defense Academy: 920 students, in which:

1. Defense and Security knowledge fostering course(form Course 1 to course 83): Total: 68 comrades

2. Operational-Strategic Level Officers training Courses, (form Course 1  to Course 8): Total: 06 comrades

3. Operational-Strategic Level Lecturers training courses (form Course 1 to Course 11)Total: 11 comrades

4.  high-ranking command and staff training course for joint service officers

- Complementary Class(Course  1 to 17)Total: 110 comrades

- Class of high-ranking command and staff training for joint service officers Course 18 to Course 47)Total: 374 comrades

- Supplemental Science and Technology class(Course 1 to 6) Total: 10 comrades

- Local Area Defense Supplemental Class and short-term training for senior commanders of the local army(Course 1 to 43) Total: 114 comrades

5. Short-term training on campaign advice – strategy(Key 1 to Course 18)Total: 100 comrades

6. Short-term Operational-Strategic Level training Courses for senior command and staff Officer - The General Department 2 (Course 1 to Course 18)Total: 22 comrades

7. Postgraduate training (Course 1 to Course 26)Total: 21 comrades

8.  Graduate Training(Course 1 to Course 30)Total: 84 comrades