Leadership of the Faculty

Dean of the Faculty: Colonel Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long


Vice Dean of Faculty: Senior Lieutenant Colonel Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Long


Subject of Command - Staff

Head of the subject: Colonel Dr. Bui Tien An

Deputy Head: Colonel Dr. Nguyen Hien Tiep

Subject of Electronic Warfare 

Head of the subject: Colonel MSc Hoang Manh Du

Subject of Information Technology - Headquarters

Head of the subject: Colonel MSc Pham Dang Khoa

Deputy Head: Colonel, MSc Pham Thi Kim Thuong

Subject of Methods

Head of the Subjectt: Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Huu Sam


The Faculty of Command - Staff was established on June 25, 1976 (Decision No. 146/QD-TM).

When founded, it was the Faculty of Staff. On September 11, 1978, the Faculty of Staff merged with the section of Command Science of the Institute of Military Science and changed its name to the Faculty of Command - Staff. In 2003 (according to decision 673/QD-TM), the Faculty of Command - Staff was merged with two more subjects of Electronic Warfare and Information Technology - Headquarters and renamed it Faculty of Troop Commanding. In 2014, it changed its name to Faculty of Command - Staff and in June 2020 merged with the subject of Methods.


- Command - Staff

- Electronic warfare

- Information technology - Headquarters

- Methods.

Teaching staff: 4 Associate Professor, 4 Doctors, 11 Master

Organization and Staffing

- Functions

+ To advise and propose to the President of the Academy on the organization of training  tasks for trainees at the Academy.

+ To advise and propose to the President of the Academy on the organization of the implementation of military scientific research tasks and the implementation of military scientific activities of the Faculty.

+ To perform other duties, under the leadership and the direction of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and the Academy's Board of Presidents.

- Missions

+ To manage the training of the Faculty, actively researching, proposing and making recommendations to the Party Committee, the Academy's Board of Presidents on guidelines, directions, contents, teaching plans and task implementation.

Management of scientific research. Organizing and conducting scientific conferences and seminars of the Faculty, under the direction of the Board of Presidents, the Academy's Scientific Council. Guiding, monitoring, examining and evaluating the results of the implementation of the contents, programs and plans of graduate training of the Faculty.

            + To strictly manage official documents, documentation, facilities, equipment, practicing thrift; well implementing the preliminary and final reviews and regulations on budget estimates, payment and settlement(if any).

+ To thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the Party's directives and plans, political work, training and education work, scientific research, and logistics and technical work of the Academy. . Building and developing teaching and scientific research resources of the Faculty, successfully completing all assigned tasks; building a strong and wholesome Faculty.


Training: Training many courses of command and staff, local defense, at operational and strategic levels; for units inside and outside the army on the contents of command and staff, electronic warfare, cyber warfare in various types of combat, scientific research methods.

Document compilation: Compilation of operational commands; training materials and textbooks.

Scientific research: Lecturers in the faculty have chaired many topics and initiatives at ministerial and sectoral levels. Vietnamese talent in 2009; The Education Equipment Improvement Initiative won the B Prize at the General Staff level in 2021, and the Second Prize for the National Technical Innovation Initiative in 2022.

Awards: Emulation flags of the Ministry of National Defense, determined to win units, advanced units, certificates of merit in emulation movements of the Academy, Ministry of Defense.