Implementation of Decision No. 28/QD-TM dated February 25, 1976 issued by Chief of General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army on provisional regulations on organizational structure and staffing of the Higher Military Academy, the Faculty of Reconnaissance and with 16 faculties were established, thereby defining the mission with the Academy“Supplementing and training of senior cadres of the armed forces; participate in the study of military science issues; help you train senior military officers”Accordingly, the Faculty of Reconnaissance undertook the task of researching and teaching foreign economic, political and military issues related to Vietnam, and teaching the major that ensures the mission of defending the Fatherland. Although the organization, staffing is not stable, the payroll is small, but thank to the care from leaders of all levels, the number of cadres and lecturers who have been selected and transferred to the faculty have sufficient moral qualities, capacity and qualifications, knowledge of military science, military art and experience in leadership and combat operations; However, there are difficulties that arise because the staff and lecturers have not experienced teaching at the school. In order to prepare the content of training, right from the early days under the direction of the Standing Committee of the Academy's Party Committee, the guidance of the authorities, the Party Committee, and the leaders of the Reconnaissance Faculty focused on leading, directing together with the agency to develop an outline of the training program and content as a basis for each lecturer to research, compile documents, textbooks and lectures.

          In the years of 1978 the southwestern border war occurred and the beginning of 1979 the northern border war became very complicated, the Faculty of Reconnaissance focused on researching and training the contents according to the requirements of the assigned tasks, supplementing programs and contents, focusing on researching, compiling documents and curricula suitable to new combat conditions.

           After the victory of two wars to protect the Fatherland in the Southwest border (1977-1979) and the Northern border (1979) and the following years of the 90s to meet the requirements set by the mission  of Fathreland protection mission. The Faculty of Reconnaissance strictly abided by the decisions and resolutions of its superiors, focusing on teaching and shifting training from position-based training to advanced-level education; operational and strategic level.

        In the following years from the 1990s to the present, the assigned tasks have required further improvement in the quality of training, improving the ability to envision combat  problems as well as the art of using specialized force. From April 2021 until now, the Faculty of Reconnaissance has implemented a new payroll with the Subject of Foreign Languages ​​teaching English to Vietnamese students according to the Academy's program, Master's students, and PhD students. Laos, participating in the introduction, discussion and exchange with the students of the Multinational class, both improving the English content for the subjects, and contributing to the good performance of the Academy's foreign defense and military tasks.

         Implementing the Resolution of the Academy's Party Committee for the term 2020 - 2025 to improve the quality of training - training, continue to implement 3 essences"Truthful teaching, substantive learning, substantive examination, substantive assessment of results", with Formula“The quality of education and training of the school means  the combat readiness of the unit”. The Reconnaissance Faculty has actively innovated the content and methods of training subjects, which is one of the important factors contributing to the quality of training at the National Defense Academy. In 2021, the Faculty of Reconnaissance, with the efforts of its staff and lecturers, has successfully completed the tasks assigned by the Standing Committee. The Party Committee of the Board of Presidents, the Academy's Emulation and Commendation Council awarded the title of decisive to win unit. In the coming years, staff and lecturers of the Department of Reconnaissance are determined to maintain the results and achievements achieved to better fulfill the assigned tasks.