1. History 

After the victory of the resistance war against the US for national salvation in 1975. In order to promptly summarize the war, draw experiences, perfect the theoretical system of military art and science, train and foster high-ranking military cadres to meet the requirements of national construction and defense in the new revolutionary period, on July 25, 1975, the Central Military Commission issued a decision to establish the Senior Military Academy - the highest academy of the Vietnam People's Army.

On June 25, 1976, according to the decision No. 146/QD-TM issued by the General Staff on the organization of the faculties in the Advanced Military Academy, the Faculty of Local Defense was established.

Traditional date: January 3, 1977 according to Decision No. 392/QD - HV. This was the opening date of the first senior cadre supplementary course and became the traditional date of the Academy and its faculty.

2. Functions and Missions

- Researching and teaching general theory on national defense and local military work, militia and self-defense work focusing on: Construction and operation of provincial and city development zones; national defense states, national defense emergencies; transferring the country and locality to wartime and wartime mobilization; military mobilization work; activities of people's councils and people's committees in national defense states; activities of armed forces in defense zones of provinces and cities; activities of local armed forces in various types of combat; civil defense, natural disaster prevention, search and rescue. Participating in teaching and fostering national defense and security knowledge for the first-class students at the Academy and the second-class students for agencies and units inside and outside the Army; to participate in training, guiding and assisting local units in rehearsals of defensive areas of provinces and cities.

Teaching about Border Guard, national border, national border protection management.

- Performing scientific research tasks related to national defense, local army, militia and self-defense forces, development of defense zones; Border guard, national border, national border protection management.

          - Building a strong and comprehensive Faculty to successfully complete the assigned tasks.

- Building a typical wholesome and strong faculty.

- Perform other tasks assigned by the Party Committee and the Academy's Board of Presidents.

3. Faculty Leadership

- Dean of the Faculty of Colonel, Dr. Nguyen Van Hong

- Vice Dean of the Faculty of Colonel, Dr. Nguyen The Mau

4. Achievements

From 2005 to now, the Faculty has been awarded 4 certificates of merit from the Ministry of National Defense (2005,2011,2015,2017).

          Awarded the Academy's emulation flag for 2 years (2017, 2021)

Awarded the Academy's Certificate of Merit in 2017

5. Contact

National Defense Academy, No. 93 Hoang Quoc Viet, Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City.